Empowering EV Owners with
Digital Customer Experience

Integrated Customer Experience (CX) Platform for Seamless eMobility Ownership and Exceptional EV and Energy Management

Powered by AI/ML

Your One-Stop Destination for Seamless EV Ownership and Customer Experience

From building awareness to research and streamlining electric vehicle (EV) ownership, our integrated SmarteMobility platform provides end customers with comprehensive capabilities that drives digital self-service, enhance customer experience and promote environmental stewardship. Leverage the white-labelled end-to-end connected platform – integrating hardware, software, and EV services – to build superior value across EV customer journey.


EV Account Management

Simplifying EV Ownership At Customers’ Fingertips

  • check_circleAccessible through user-friendly online platform or native mobile apps
  • check_circlePre-integrated white-labelled solution to elevate your brand
  • check_circlePersonalized engagement based on EV and charger information and user-based preferences
  • check_circleProactive advice on charging behavior, new rates and EV-related products and services
  • check_circleEffective energy management with hardware-agnostic capabilities for customers

Manage Charging

Streamline Home, Workplace & Public Charging Experience – All from One Place

  • check_circleAllow customers to find nearest charging stations in intuitive map view
  • check_circleEmpower end users to remotely manage their charging sessions
  • check_circleEnable customers to manage charging schedules and view charging history
  • check_circleEmpower EV drivers with charging station preferences, route planning and navigation
  • check_circleProvide home charging to customers with off-the-shelf hardware solutions

Digital Payments

New Age Payment Experience for Your Customers

  • check_circleComprehensive payment channels including mobile and web payments, digital wallets, ACH/e-check, debit and credit cards
  • check_circleElectronic bill presentment with scheduled payments
  • check_circleConnected journey with billing history, future projections, personalized offers and rate plan advice
  • check_circlePersonalized payment preferences and build custom payment arrangements
  • check_circleIntelligent alerts and notifications with 24x7 support

Multichannel Notifications

360-Degree Customer Interactions with Intelligent & Personalized Communication

  • check_circle24x7 access with real-time, two-way communication with customers
  • check_circleAutomated alerts across text, voice, email, push channels and more
  • check_circleEngage customers with personalized charging alerts
  • check_circleEmpower customers to manage their notification preferences
  • check_circleSend targeted notifications based on customer insights

Track & Manage Usage

Optimize Energy Use with Best-in-Class Energy Saving Capabilities

  • check_circleReal-time visibility for customers into energy levels and consumption
  • check_circleInteractive graphs that allow users to view usage insights and energy forecasts over a period
  • check_circleOptimize energy usage with smart charging capabilities for customers
  • check_circleShift energy demand to off-peak hours and enable energy savings for customers
  • check_circleAllow customers to compare their charging behavior to their peers in terms of energy savings and costs

Rebates & Programs

Delight Customers with Rewards and Advance Energy Efficiency

  • check_circleTargeted saving programs tailored for different customer segments
  • check_circleSeamless program and rebates enrollment process to improve EV adoption
  • check_circleIntegrated digital marketplace with personalized rebates and programs for customers
  • check_circleOffer EV-specific rate plans and demand response programs to shift demand to off-peak hours
  • check_circleComprehensive view of state-funded programs for end users

Smart Home & Energy Storage

Enabling End-to-End Energy Management for Your EV Users

  • check_circleEnable Smart Meter data integration for comprehensive energy management for users
  • check_circleIntegrated with Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)
  • check_circleVehicle-to-Grid (V2G) support
  • check_circleSolar integration and energy storage
  • check_circleDemand side management system integration

AI/ML Analytics

Unlock Intelligent Insights and Enhance Customer Experience Using AI-ML

  • check_circleEnhanced personalization across user touchpoints with meter data intelligence
  • check_circleDirect to grid connectivity for optimized EV charging and pricing
  • check_circleProactively plan for EVs and renewable energy sources integrations
  • check_circleIncrease TOU rate, program enrollment and demand response participation with AI-based user insights
  • check_circleRun targeted marketing campaigns to incentivize EV ownership based on customer insights

Flexible & Scalable

White-labelled EV Solution to Establish Your Green Credentials

  • check_circleCustomizable capabilities based on user preferences and business requirements
  • check_circleAdherence to established security protocols and privacy regulations
  • check_circleData protection and privacy assurance for user security
  • check_circleMulti-lingual platform support
  • check_circleEasily scalable hardware-agnostic EV solutions for growing user base
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EV Charging Providers
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Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
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Energy Retailers
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Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
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Who is it for?

SmarteMobility Platform is building an ecosystem for improved adoption of electric vehicles (EV). The platform connects stakeholders such as energy providers, cities, commercial and industrial entities, municipalities, charging providers and others to build superior customer experiences, deliver digital self-service, robust charging infrastructure and promote sustainability. Interested in knowing more? Find out how Smart eMobility can help your business.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

EV CX, or Electric Vehicle Customer Experience, refers to customers' overall satisfaction and convenience while using electric vehicles. It encompasses various factors such as ease of charging, billing processes, personalized alerts, and responsive customer support. EV CX aims to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience for EV users, ensuring their needs are met and enhancing their overall satisfaction throughout their eMobility journey.

Building a good customer experience is crucial because it directly impacts the user adoption of electric vehicles. A positive customer experience enhances convenience, reliability, and overall satisfaction, encouraging more people to embrace EVs. By focusing on factors like seamless charging, efficient billing, personalized communication, and responsive support, you can create a user-friendly environment, ultimately driving the growth of eMobility and attracting more customers to your electric vehicle services.

A smart meter is a device that measures and monitors electricity consumption. It is used for tracking energy usage in households and businesses. A smart meter also measures the electricity an electric vehicle consumes during charging. It provides real-time energy usage, charging duration, and cost data, allowing users to optimize their charging patterns and accurately calculate billing or reimbursement. Smart meters promote transparency, efficiency, and effective management of EV charging, benefiting both users and service providers.

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