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Unified Platform for Comprehensive Electrification and eMobility Strategies for Cities and Municipalities

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Empowering Cities and Businesses for Widespread EV Adoption

The SmarteMobility platform empowers cities and businesses to drive widespread electric vehicle adoption by simplifying EV ownership and ensuring seamless access to charging infrastructure. Our unified platform enables cities and municipalities to implement comprehensive electrification strategies. With our solutions, citizens and businesses can conveniently charge their vehicles anywhere, fostering sustainable networks in cities and towns. We provide the foundation for efficient and accessible EV charging, supporting the transition to cleaner and greener environments.

Forge Citizen & Business Partnerships for a Sustainable Future

Promote EV Adoption and Curb Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions with Comprehensive EV Management and Public Charging Infrastructure

EV User Digital Self-Service

Digital Self-ServiceSimplify EV Ownership and Enhance EV Charging Experiences for Your Residents

  • check_circle Empower EV users with native app advantage for on-the-go EV charging needs
  • check_circle Enable citizens to easily locate the nearest charging station using map view
  • check_circle Allow drivers to remotely manage their charging sessions and schedules
  • check_circle Empower EV drivers with charging station preferences, route planning and navigation
  • check_circle Offer personalized EV charging programs, rebates and incentives to residents
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EV User Digital Self-Service
  • check_circle Real-time notifications for drivers on billing and payments
  • check_circle Multichannel communication support - text, IVR, email, chatbot, push notifications and more
  • check_circle Engage residents with personalized charging alerts
  • check_circle Offer personalized notification preferences to EV users
  • check_circle Deliver targeted notifications based on user insights
Alerts & Notifications
  • check_circle Create and promote financial incentives to encourage the widespread adoption of EVs
  • check_circle Offer rebates or tax credits for EV purchases and charging, including measures like waiving registration fees, discounted electricity rates and more
  • check_circle Personalization engine to highlight relevant available programs to different user segments and local businesses
  • check_circle Design incentives specifically targeted towards fleet owners to incentive the adoption and management of EVs
  • check_circle Enable users to stay informed on latest EV program changes and new offerings
State & Federal EV Incentives
  • check_circle Run educational campaigns aimed at increasing awareness regarding the advantages of EVs, including cost savings and environmental benefits
  • check_circle Offer details on existing incentives, locations of charging infrastructure and relevant programs
  • check_circle Formulate personalized messages that genuinely connect with distinct target groups
  • check_circle Collaborate with local businesses to develop comprehensive marketing strategies that successfully educate and engage end users
  • check_circle Empower local businesses to conduct regular evaluations and analysis of marketing efforts to measure the effectiveness of educational campaigns
EV Education & Awareness
  • check_circle Flexible, tailored solutions to meet your cities' requirements
  • check_circle Safe and reliable hardware capabilities
  • check_circle Comprehensive grid-enabled EV charging solutions
  • check_circle Cater to diverse transportation needs - municipal fleets, trucks, passenger vehicles etc.
  • check_circle Future-ready solution to meet your cities' development needs
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EV Charging Infrastructure
  • check_circle Facilitate successful transition of city department fleets to electric vehicles
  • check_circle Ensure integrations with open standards
  • check_circle Empower fleet drivers with user-friendly online platform and native mobile app
  • check_circle Enable drivers to remotely monitor and manage their charging sessions
  • check_circle Implement OCPI-compliant roaming services for hassle-free charging access
EV Fleet Management

Future-Proof EV Readiness

Proactively Prepare for the Future by Ensuring Widespread Accessibility of EV Charging Infrastructure Across your Community

EV Reporting & Analytics
EV Charging Infrastructure Land Use Planning
Secure & Scalable EV Platform
EV Platform Services
EV Platform Integrations
eMobility Ecosystem Stakeholder Collaboration


Manage and Report the Environmental Footprint Accurately

  • check_circle Track reductions in GHG emissions and manage energy usage
  • check_circle Ensure controlled access to public charging stations data through a unified platform
  • check_circle Ability to generate customized report based on required metrics
  • check_circle Identify patterns and trends in the adoption of EVs
  • check_circle Manage charging activities, charging sessions and energy utilized
EV Reporting & Analytics

Land Use Planning

Efficiently Incorporate EV Infrastructure Requirements into Land Use Planning Processes

  • check_circle Accommodate the growing demand for EV infrastructure and accessible charging facilities
  • check_circle Ensure that newly constructed properties and parking areas are equipped with sufficient provisions for EV charging
  • check_circle Collaborate with property managers to integrate essential EV infrastructure and allocate dedicated spaces for charging station installation
  • check_circle Incorporate EV charging requirements to meet building codes and regulations
  • check_circle Implement innovative solutions with smart grid integrations and demand response programs
EV Charging Infrastructure Land Use Planning

Secure & Scalable

Hardware-Agnostic EV Solutions to Accommodate Your Cities' Growing Needs

  • check_circle Ensure your platform stays updated with the latest features and functionalities
  • check_circle Avoid the need for costly future upgrades with cloud-based platform
  • check_circle Prioritize support for data privacy policies to protect the personal information of residents
  • check_circle Adhere to established security protocols and regulations
  • check_circle Seamlessly integrate with OCPP-compliant vendors
Secure & Scalable EV Platform

Platform Services

End-to-End Expert Support - From Infrastructure Deployment to EV Management

  • check_circle Rely on exceptional support tailored to meet your specific requirements at every step
  • check_circle Industry expertise that brings deep knowledge and understanding of the EV landscape
  • check_circle Expert guidance on policy matters and compliance
  • check_circle Foster meaningful engagement with relevant stakeholders
  • check_circle Expert insights on efficient charger placement and scalable solutions
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EV Platform Services

Platform Integrations

Ensure Interoperability for Integrated Energy Management

  • check_circle Integrate DERs and microgrids into the energy management framework
  • check_circle Incorporate energy storage solutions and support grid stability
  • check_circle Seamlessly integrate demand side management systems to optimize energy consumption
  • check_circle Integrate smart meter data to enable real-time monitoring
  • check_circle Provide support for V2G technology
EV Platform Integrations

Stakeholder Collaboration

Collaborate and Innovate - Achieve Your Cities' Electrification Goals

  • check_circle Enable collaboration among utilities, governments, entities, automakers, policymakers, regulators and charging station operators
  • check_circle Ensure alignment and efficient decision-making processes
  • check_circle Enhance EV charging infrastructure and grid reliability
  • check_circle Maintain and monitor charging services
  • check_circle Leverage live load analytics, intelligent insights and demand prediction for better preparedness
eMobility Ecosystem Stakeholder Collaboration

Advance Energy Management and Reduce Operating Costs

Maximize Cost-Effectiveness with an Interoperable Solution that Optimizes Operating Costs, Strengthens Energy Management and Advances Charging Infrastructure

Charging ManagementEnhance Charging Station Performance and Maximize Uptime

  • check_circle Efficiently manage an extensive network of charging stations and energy storage systems
  • check_circle Real-time visibility into charging stations, users and transactions
  • check_circle Monitor charging station usage patterns by analyzing data on underutilized and overutilized stations
  • check_circle Manage charging load and prioritize charging during off-peak hours
  • check_circle Set up alerts to proactively increase charger uptime and ensure smooth operations
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EV Charging Management
  • check_circle Simplify the management of EV charging bills and payments
  • check_circle Real-time payment tracking and comprehensive reporting
  • check_circle Automate payment flows and reimbursement processes
  • check_circle Enhance user confidence with advanced payment security
  • check_circle Implement secure and encrypted payment gateways
Digital Billing & Payments
  • check_circle Configure charging rates based on usage, time intervals or individual sessions
  • check_circle Implement TOU rate plans to optimize charging efficiency
  • check_circle Offer personalized rate plans for commercial, residential and guest users
  • check_circle Provide support for multiple billing tariffs and diverse plan options
  • check_circle Incentivize off-peak charging and efficient charging habits
Variable EV Charging Pricing Engine
  • check_circle Optimize scheduling of EV charger availability
  • check_circle Leverage EV adoption data and charging patterns to predict load demands accurately
  • check_circle Load disaggregation analysis for effective energy management and grid resilience
  • check_circle Identify the presence of EVs with accurate disaggregation insights
  • check_circle Enable demand response capabilities to manage grid constraints
Energy Load Management
  • check_circle Enable comprehensive monitoring for seamless operations
  • check_circle 24x7 support and technical assistance
  • check_circle Leverage remote capabilities for efficient troubleshooting and resolution
  • check_circle Ensure uninterrupted charging and quick resolution of issues
  • check_circle Pre-integrated with Mobile Field Workforce Management platform for streamlined field service management
EV Charging Infrastructure Maintenance & Monitoring

EV Charging Management

Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials

Utilities as Sustainability Innovators

Our platform empowers utilities to accelerate EV adoption through grid optimization, renewable energy integration, expanded charging infrastructure, and improved customer experience. By leveraging smart technologies, demand response programs, and data analytics, we help utilities enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and empower customers, actively driving eMobility transition and contributing to a sustainable future.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

A municipal fleet refers to the collection of vehicles owned and operated by a city or municipality to carry out its diverse range of services and operations. These vehicles can include cars, trucks, buses, and specialized equipment used by government departments, such as public works, transportation, and emergency services. Municipal fleets are increasingly incorporating electric vehicles to reduce emissions and enhance sustainability.

Open standards refer to publicly available specifications and protocols that enable interoperability and compatibility among different eMobility technologies. These standards allow electric vehicles, charging infrastructure, and energy management system from various manufacturers to seamlessly communicate and work together. By adhering to open standards, the eMobility industry promotes collaboration, innovation, and the development of a robust and interconnected EV ecosystem.

Load analytics refers to the process of analyzing and understanding the electricity demand and usage patterns associated with electric vehicle charging. By studying the load profiles, charging patterns, and energy consumption data, load analytics enables the optimization of charging infrastructure, load management strategies, and grid integration. It helps stakeholders identify peak demand periods, balance energy supply and demand, and make informed decisions to ensure efficient and reliable charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

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