Integrated EV Charging Management Platform

Uniting Hardware, Software, and Services for Sustainable EV Ecosystem and Efficient Energy Management

Powered by AI/ML

Your Partner for Unified Charging Management

Introducing our comprehensive turnkey solution, uniting hardware, software, and services for cost reduction, enhanced customer experience, and optimal charging infrastructure efficiency. Our single harmonic platform integrates with multiple charging networks, offering real-time monitoring and data-driven insights for improved EV charging management. Experience streamlined operations with our integrated energy and charger management platform, providing centralized control, monitoring, and management of all your EV charging assets from one unified platform.


Track & Manage Usage

Optimize Charging Station Performance & Uptime

  • check_circleEffortlessly track charging sessions in real-time
  • check_circleManage unlimited charging stations and energy storage with Hardware Agnostic capabilities
  • check_circleMonitor usage, revenue, and payments
  • check_circleEnable remote control and maintenance-reboot, reset, set unavailable and more
  • check_circlePre-integrated with SmarteMobility EV Customer Experience (CX) and other platform to link charging station availability
  • check_circleWhite-labelled platform to elevate your brand

Payments & Billing

Maximize Revenue and Enhance Payment Experience

  • check_circleEasy management of EV charging bills and payments
  • check_circleIntegrations with multiple payment gateways
  • check_circleAbility to set preferred payment options
  • check_circleAutomated payment flows and reimbursement processes
  • check_circleReal-time payment tracking and reporting for enhanced transparency

Alert Management System

Delight Customers with Personalized Charging Alerts

  • check_circleNotify customers promptly about charging session times, completion, and payment receipts for enhanced engagement
  • check_circleDeliver personalized services across text, IVR, emails, chatbot, push notifications, etc.
  • check_circleOffer Preference Center for end users to set preferred communication channels
  • check_circleSetup automated workflows to attend customers’ frequently asked queries
  • check_circleConfigure and customize notification templates based on business needs

Plans & Tariffs

Advance eMobility Adoption with Customized Plans & Tariffs

  • check_circleSupport for multiple billing tariffs and plans
  • check_circleTime of Use (TOU) rate plans for efficient charging
  • check_circleDifferent rate plans for commercial, residential and guest users
  • check_circleAbility to set fees and pricing model on charging stations and manage income
  • check_circleCustomized charging plans for personalized user experience

Load Monitoring

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership with Effective Load Balancing

  • check_circleSchedule EV charger availability
  • check_circleEfficient energy management and grid resilience
  • check_circleSolar integration and energy storage
  • check_circleVehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) support
  • check_circleIntegration with demand response systems

Remote Management & Maintenance

24x7 Technical Support for Enhanced Field Service Operations

  • check_circleRemote capabilities for troubleshooting and resolution
  • check_circleReal time alerts/auto notification for issues or malfunctions
  • check_circleOffer customer support via live chat, email, or phone to address inquiries and technical issues
  • check_circleSeamless integration with Mobile Field Workforce Management to create work orders
  • check_circleEfficiently manage assets throughout the lifecycle
  • check_circleOptimize resource utilization and improved service levels

Hardware-Agnostic & Interoperable

Ensure Interoperability across Multiple Hardware

  • check_circleEnsure high availability and zero downtime for users
  • check_circleCompliance with industry-leading security and privacy standards
  • check_circleProtect your data and ensure privacy for your users
  • check_circleIntegration with back-end systems including OMS, CRM, ERP systems
  • check_circleCustomizable platform tailored to meet your unique business requirements

AI-ML Analytics

Data-based Insights for Improved Operational Efficiency & Cost Savings

  • check_circleManage unlimited charging stations, transactions, and users from a single interface
  • check_circleIntuitive, insight-driven and scalable dashboard for easy use
  • check_circleDetailed reports to track performance data over time
  • check_circleMonitor usage pattern and optimize charging station usage
  • check_circleUnderstand customer usage patterns to drive energy efficiency programs

Security & Scalability

Easily Scale Your Charging Capabilities As Your Needs Grow

  • check_circleHardware-agnostic charging management capabilities
  • check_circleIntegration with charge points from multiple OCPP-compliant vendors
  • check_circleSupport across a comprehensive range of chargers and protocols
  • check_circleEnsure seamless connectivity to the grid
  • check_circleEnsure conformity to policies and compliances
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials

Who is it for?

SmarteMobility Platform is building an ecosystem for improved adoption of electric vehicles (EV). The platform connects stakeholders such as energy providers, cities, commercial and industrial entities, municipalities, charging providers and others to build superior customer experiences, deliver digital self-service, robust charging infrastructure and promote sustainability. Interested in knowing more? Find out how SmarteMobility can help your business.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

OSCP (Open Smart Charging Protocol) is a communication system for electric vehicles (EVs) and charging stations. It helps EVs charge efficiently by balancing the load, responding to demand, and reducing peak usage. OSCP ensures that charging stations and vehicles work well together, making charging easy and efficient for EV drivers.

OCPI, or Open Charge Point Interface, is a widely adopted communication protocol in eMobility. It enables seamless interaction between charging networks and service providers, allowing EV drivers to access various charging stations using a single platform. OCPI simplifies the charging process by providing standardized protocols for charging station discovery, availability, pricing, and payment. This promotes interoperability, convenience, and accessibility for EV users, regardless of their charging network.

Hardware-agnostic refers to the technology and platform compatible with various hardware devices or components. The platform can work seamlessly with different types or brands of EV charging stations without being restricted to a specific manufacturer or model. This flexibility allows for easier integration, scalability, and interoperability in the charging infrastructure, providing more options and convenience for EV owners and service providers.

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