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Powerful and Feature-Packed Technology Platform for the EV Ecosystem

By leveraging state-of-the-art technologies, our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform is revolutionizing the industry, providing you with a comprehensive solution tailored to your needs as a stakeholder. Seamlessly connecting utilities, energy retailers, charging station operators, smart cities, and corporate entities with their end-users through a single, integrated platform, we are empowering the future of eMobility forward. With a strong focus on accelerating your electric vehicle adoption, addressing your charging needs, enhancing your customer experience, and supporting your sustainability goals, our platform puts you at the forefront of innovation.

Driving Change, Empowering your End-Users in their eMobility Journey with our SaaS Platform

Manage EV Charging

Manage EV Charging

Simplify, Sync & Charge: Manage Customer Charging Needs from One Platform

  • Engage customers with real-time charging alerts
  • Empower customers to find charging stations via interactive map view
  • Enable reserve-ahead capability on smart chargers
  • Offer a consolidated view of EV charging history to track and manage charging sessions
  • Enable route planning and navigation, and allow users to set their charging preferences
Digital Billing & Payments

Digital Billing & Payments

Modernizing Payment Experiences for Your EV Customers

  • Easy and secure management of EV charging bills and payments
  • Diverse payment channels based on user preferences – debit cards, credit cards, ACH/e-check, cash payments, payment wallets and more
  • Simplify bill payments and offer customized payment plans
  • Empower users to view billing history, future projections and personalized rate plans
  • Engage customers with real-time notifications on upcoming payments and successful transactions
Alerts & Notifications

Alerts & Notifications

Accelerate eMobility Adoption with Effective Multichannel Communications

  • Enable real-time communication with end users via text, email, IVR, and other channels
  • Streamline EV ownership by keeping users informed of new rebates and initiatives
  • 24x7 digital connectivity with customers on their EV needs
  • Configure and customize automated alerts based on your business requirements
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns on personalized offers with micro-segmentation
EV Rebates & Programs

Rebates & Programs

Making EV Ownership a Rewarding Experience with Personalized Rebates & Programs

  • Reduce the total cost of EV ownership by enabling energy savings
  • Offer personalized EV programs and rebates to customers with detailed information around energy and cost savings
  • Promote energy efficiency and encourage customers to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Enable users to enroll in saving programs with user-friendly application processes
  • Incentivize off-peak charging and demand response with customized rate plans and rebates
EV Awareness & Education

Awareness & Education

Empowering Customers to Accelerate EV Adoption

  • Enable customers to browse and explore electric vehicles
  • Help customers research and choose the right electric vehicle best suited to their needs
  • Be a trusted energy advisor to guide customers through the process of purchasing an EV
  • Simplify customer needs by providing detailed information to solve EV buyer conundrum
  • Provide informative resources and guides to help customers understand the charging infrastructure and range anxiety concerns

Beyond EVs: Understanding the Smart E-mobility Shift

Published by Forbes, Authored by Deepak Garg - CEO & Founder, SmarteMobility

Unlock Business Value and Transform your Customer Experience with our SaaS Platform

EV Charging Infrastructure Planning

Monitor & Control

Streamline EV Charging Network Management using our Simple & Scalable Platform

  • Manage and control charging networks, charging stations and energy storage from a single integrated platform
  • Real-time management, cost adjustment and revenue monitoring
  • Real-time control of infrastructure, pricing and revenue
  • Real-time visibility into energy usage and reports
  • Seamless integration with back-office systems and third-party applications
  • Real-time availability management
eMobility Charging Infrastructure Procurement

Load Balancing

Advanced Capabilities To Provide Grid Reliability, Energy Efficiency And Asset Protection

  • Leverage dynamic load management algorithms to optimize charging management
  • Streamline energy demand-supply with customized charging plans and tariffs
  • Manage load by adding restrictions, limiting session time and setting energy thresholds per session or site level
  • Set time-based rules for when a charging station can be used and how much power it can use
  • Support Demand Response events by rendering charging station unavailable during peak to offload
EV Charging Infrastructure Predictive Maintenance

AI-ML Analytics

Comprehensive Statistics & Analytics for Intelligent & Informed Decision-Making

  • Track and analyze data over time with detailed reporting
  • Load forecasting by leveraging data on EV adoption and charging patterns
  • AI-based user insights to track program enrollment and calculate savings for businesses and end users
  • Integrate with real-time GIS-powered insights to equip back-office teams with valuable knowledge
  • Remote capabilities and intelligent insights for efficient troubleshooting and maintenance of EV charging infrastructure
EV Charging Infrastructure Deployment

Compliance and Regulations

White-labelled Platform that Ensures Full Compliance and Meets Regulation Standards

  • Ability to future-proof your eMobility strategy as you scale
  • Designed for safety and privacy protection
  • Support integrations with OCCP-compliant charge points vendors
  • Ensure 100% adherence to industry and federal regulations
  • Assured compliance to industry protocols
EV Charging Infrastructure Maintenance

Integration and Interoperability

Deliver a Comprehensive 360-Degree EV Customer Experience through Seamless Integrations

  • Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) and Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) support
  • Achieve DER integration and energy storage capabilities
  • Facilitate the integration of Smart Meter data
  • Demand side management system integration
  • Integration with back-end systems including OMS, EAM, CRM, ERP, WMS systems
  • Ensure interoperability with hardware-agnostic platform capabilities
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials

Who is it for?

SmarteMobility Platform is building an ecosystem for improved adoption of electric vehicles (EV). The platform connects stakeholders such as energy providers, cities, commercial and industrial entities, municipalities, charging providers and others to build superior customer experiences, deliver digital self-service, robust charging infrastructure and promote sustainability. Interested in knowing more? Find out how SmarteMobility can help your business.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Catalysts for a Sustainable Future

Our platform is purpose-built to assist our clients in achieving their decarbonization and sustainability objectives. By enabling customers and businesses to effectively engage with and manage energy and electric vehicles, we are driving active participation in the transition to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Together, we are operationalizing sustainability goals and empowering communities to play an active role in shaping a greener world. With our innovative platform, we are paving the way for a more sustainable tomorrow.

Frequently Asked Questions

SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service. It refers to a software delivery model where eMobility applications, such as charging station management or energy bill payments, are hosted and accessed through the internet. With SaaS, users can conveniently access and utilize eMobility software hosted on the cloud, benefitting from seamless updates and maintenance through a subscription-based model.

V2X, or Vehicle-to-Everything, is a technology that allows electric vehicles (EVs) to communicate and exchange information with different entities in their environment. This includes communication with other vehicles (V2V), charging infrastructure (V2I), and the electric grid (V2G). V2X enables advanced capabilities such as smart charging, vehicle-grid integration, and optimized energy management. This technology plays a crucial role in maximizing the efficiency, sustainability, and integration of electric vehicles within the energy ecosystem.

Our eMobility platform is designed to be compatible with industry-standard protocols such as OCPP (Open Charge Point Protocol) and ISO 15118 (Plug and Charge). This ensures seamless integration and interoperability with various charging stations, electric vehicles, and energy management systems, providing a versatile and future-proof solution for businesses.

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