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eMobility Solutions for
Charge Point Operators

Comprehensive and Hardware-Agnostic eMobility Solutions to Establish a Robust EV Charging Network

Powered by AI/ML
Powering Your EV Charging Network Evolution

Our SmarteMobility platform empowers Charge Point Operators (CPO) by providing a comprehensive, hardware-agnostic solution to effortlessly establish, manage, and expand their charging networks. Seamlessly monetize and manage your charging stations through our cloud-based infrastructure. With multiple applications spanning across residential, retail, smart cities, municipalities, public and private networks and commercial enterprises, our platform caters to diverse use cases. Embrace the future of eMobility and unlock the potential for success in the rapidly evolving EV industry.

Streamline Operations & Reduce the Total Cost of Ownership

Maintain High Uptime for your Charging Stations, Minimize Downtime due to Maintenance and Improve Operational Efficiency

EV Charging Networks

Charging NetworksExpert Guidance to Install and Maintain Public and Private Charging Networks

  • check_circle Provide infrastructure and services to support EV charging at home, at work and in public
  • check_circle Address the charging requirements of fleet operators and owners
  • check_circle Manage charging infrastructure of companies
  • check_circle Strategically distribute and control fast-charging stations
  • check_circle Collaborate with municipalities to install public charging stations
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EV Charging Networks
  • check_circle Manage an unlimited number of charging stations from a single, centralized platform
  • check_circle Seamlessly monitor charging sessions in real-time
  • check_circle Easily schedule the availability of EV chargers to optimize their usage
  • check_circle Adopt a proactive approach to minimize charger downtime
  • check_circle Flexibility to accommodate any billing model and facilitate reconciliation processes among multiple partners in the charging ecosystem
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Smart Charging Management
  • check_circle Optimize energy distribution without costly infrastructure upgrades
  • check_circle Maximize your charging infrastructure by efficiently managing power and adjusting loads
  • check_circle Monitor, manage and adjust energy consumption across charging stations
  • check_circle Integrate more renewable energy sources into the overall energy mix
  • check_circle Enhance the optimization and control of energy storage systems
Energy Load Management
  • check_circle Offer self-healing algorithms for real-time issue detection and visibility
  • check_circle Detect and prioritize issues 24x7 to minimize impact on drivers
  • check_circle Proactively identify and resolve technical and transactional issues
  • check_circle Receive real-time alerts and notifications for issues or malfunctions
  • check_circle Optimize resource utilization and enhance service levels
EV Charging Infrastructure Remote Maintenance

Future-Proof & Expand Charging Operations

Address the Growing Demand for EVs, Streamline and Scale Charging Infrastructure, Seize EV Market Opportunities and Grow Revenue Opportunities

EV Analytics & Reporting
Interoperable EV Charging Solution
EV Platform Integrations
Secure & Scalable EV Platform


One Unified Platform to Add the Intelligence Layer for Your eMobility Success

  • check_circle Track performance data with feature-rich analytics and dashboards
  • check_circle Monitor charging behavior through AI-powered customer analytics
  • check_circle Optimize business and operational strategies for your charging network
  • check_circle Equip your team with integrated tools for billing, CRM and issue resolution
  • check_circle GIS integration to optimize charger and charging station usage
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EV Analytics & Reporting


Stay Flexible and Efficient with our Hardware-Agnostic Charging Solution

  • check_circle Streamline management and maintenance of charging infrastructure with an intuitive platform
  • check_circle Enable roaming integration on your public networks and expand charger visibility
  • check_circle Integrated with OCPP-compliant backend to break free from hardware vendor restrictions
  • check_circle Seamless compatibility with support for a wide range of current and future protocols
  • check_circle Customize the platform to align with your specific business needs and requirements
Interoperable EV Charging Solution

Platform Integrations

Seamless Integrations and Flexible APIs for Scalable EV Charging Solutions

  • check_circle Support for Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) communications
  • check_circle Integrated hardware-agnostic capabilities to uncover valuable customer and workforce insights
  • check_circle Ensure uninterrupted grid connectivity
  • check_circle Collaborate with energy providers to integrate renewable energy with EV charging
  • check_circle Seamlessly integrate with popular payment gateways
EV Platform Integrations

Secure & Scalable

Scale Your Business and Unlock Greater Value Opportunities

  • check_circle Seamlessly integrate the cloud-based solution without disrupting IT and organizational processes
  • check_circle Built-in modularity to scale and accommodate consumer growth
  • check_circle Ensure adherence to established security protocols and privacy regulations
  • check_circle Assure user security through robust data protection and privacy measures
  • check_circle Guarantee compliance with regulations and government mandates
Secure & Scalable EV Platform

Elevate Driver Experience & Build Customer Loyalty

Meet and Exceed Customer Demands, Streamline Charging Needs of the EV Drivers and Build Customer Loyalty for your Brand

Digital Self-ServiceWhite-Labelled Platform for a Seamless Customer Experience

  • check_circle Deliver a seamless charging experience with intuitive online and native mobile app
  • check_circle Offer a 360° charging experience to customers, unifying public, private, and home charging services
  • check_circle Provide smart scheduling capabilities to customers
  • check_circle Empower EV drivers to remotely manage and monitor their charging sessions
  • check_circle Enable end users to manage charging schedules and access their charging history
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Digital Self-Service EV Platform
  • check_circle Enable convenient payments for your customers via debit or credit cards, pay-as-you-go, payment wallets, and more
  • check_circle Set pricing and automatically charge your customers after every charging session
  • check_circle Offer e-bills and scheduled payment options to the end users
  • check_circle Provide customized payment preferences and tailored payment arrangements
  • check_circle Send intelligent alerts on billing and payment status updates
Digital Billing & Payments
  • check_circle Offer different rate plans for commercial, residential and public users
  • check_circle Set fees and pricing models for multiple charging stations and manage income
  • check_circle Reward EV drivers on saving energy with public charging credits
  • check_circle Provide rate plans and demand response programs to shift charging demand to off-peak hours
  • check_circle Run targeted outreach campaigns with personalized plans for different user segments
EV Rate Plans & Rewards

Digital Self-Service EV Platform

Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials

Enabling Intelligent Charging Innovations

Lead the eMobility revolution with our cutting-edge SmarteMobility platform, establishing an efficient, scalable, and eco-friendly charging infrastructure. Through our platform, charge point operators can optimize charging operations, enhance energy efficiency, and seamlessly integrate renewable energy sources. This supports electric vehicle growth, reduces carbon emissions, and fosters a sustainable transportation ecosystem. Leveraging data-driven insights, the platform enables effective resource allocation, accurate demand forecasting, and efficient load management, empowering operators to make informed decisions and drive sustainability initiatives forward.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

A CPO, or Charge Point Operator, is an entity responsible for managing and operating charging stations for electric vehicles. CPOs play a vital role in building and maintaining the charging infrastructure, ensuring availability, maintenance, and seamless charging experiences. They handle tasks such as billing, customer support, and network management, enabling the growth and accessibility of eMobility for EV drivers.

A charging network refers to a connected system of charging stations that enable electric vehicle owners to recharge their vehicles. It encompasses a network of charging infrastructure managed by various Charge Point Operators (CPOs) and energy providers. Charging networks provide EV drivers with access to charging stations, facilitating convenient and widespread adoption of eMobility.

Fast charging, also known as DC fast charging or rapid charging, is a charging method that allows electric vehicles to recharge at a significantly faster rate compared to regular charging. It uses higher power levels to deliver a large amount of electricity to the EV's battery, reducing charging times to typically 30 minutes or less, enabling quicker and more convenient long-distance travel.

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