Smart eMobility

#1 Global & Fastest Growing eMobility Platform

We are on a mission to build a smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Ecosystem to accelerate eMobility adoption, build customer experience excellence, create robust charging infrastructure and achieve sustainability goals.

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The Smart eMobility Vision and Mission

At Smart eMobility, our unwavering vision is to lead the global eMobility revolution and forge a sustainable future for generations to come. As the world's fastest-growing and premier PaaS platform, our mission is to unite industry players, providing a powerful, integrated platform that propels the transformation of the energy and mobility landscape.

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, and IoT Analytics, we seamlessly connect energy providers, cities, commercial and industrial entities, municipalities, charging station providers, and others to create a cohesive and intelligent EV ecosystem. By empowering end users to efficiently manage and control their electric vehicles, we empower stakeholders to make informed investments and deliver comprehensive, tailored experiences that guarantee seamless and gratifying customer journeys.


Deepak Garg
Founder & CEO

“Our vision is to create an energy ecosystem that benefits both end customers and businesses by coordinating EV charging, solar power, battery storage, and smart inverter technology. With a focus on efficiency, automation and 24x7 monitoring, we aim to reduce carbon footprint, lower energy costs, ensure uninterrupted power supply, improve grid reliability, and incentivize energy reduction. We are on a mission to create a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow for future generations.”

Road to Net-Zero

We are helping organizations to build a sustainable future by realizing the global net-zero goals and driving decarbonization by making eMobility adoption the ground reality. Our turnkey solutions provide hardware, software and EV services to allow the eMobility ecosystem to:

  • imgPrepare for an EV-dominated future and accelerate adoption
  • imgHelp customers shift their consumption to clean energy
  • imgDrive grid reliability and control the network system for load balancing and energy distribution
  • imgAttract business investments in the community with sustainable infrastructure support
  • imgProvide residential, public and commercial charging for all your customers
  • imgAchieve sustainability goals by providing pollution-free vehicle access
  • imgBecome a trusted energy advisor for your customers throughout the process of EV adoption

Meet Our Leaders

Spearheading the eMobility revolution, our leadership team embodies deep domain proficiency and technological expertise to significantly drive change.

Deepak Garg
Deepak Garg

CEO / Founder

Manoj Kohli
Manoj Kohli


Mike Zimmer
Mike Zimmer


Andy Vesey
Andy Vesey

CEO, Fortescue Future Industries

Moti Gyamlani
Moti Gyamlani

Global Chief Operation Officer, Ericsson