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We are on a mission to build a smart Electric Vehicle (EV) Ecosystem to accelerate eMobility adoption, build customer experience excellence, create robust charging infrastructure and achieve sustainability goals.

The SmarteMobility Vision and Mission

At SmarteMobility, our unwavering vision is to lead the global eMobility revolution and forge a sustainable future for generations to come. As the world's fastest-growing and premier PaaS platform, our mission is to unite industry players, providing a powerful, integrated platform that propels the transformation of the energy and mobility landscape.

Harnessing cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, and IoT Analytics, we seamlessly connect energy providers, cities, commercial and industrial entities, municipalities, charging station providers, and others to create a cohesive and intelligent EV ecosystem. By empowering end users to efficiently manage and control their electric vehicles, we empower stakeholders to make informed investments and deliver comprehensive, tailored experiences that guarantee seamless and gratifying customer journeys.


“Our vision is to create an energy ecosystem that benefits both end customers and businesses by coordinating EV charging, solar power, battery storage, and smart inverter technology. With a focus on efficiency, automation and 24x7 monitoring, we aim to reduce carbon footprint, lower energy costs, ensure uninterrupted power supply, improve grid reliability, and incentivize energy reduction. We are on a mission to create a brighter, cleaner, and more sustainable tomorrow for future generations.”

Road to Net-Zero

We are helping organizations to build a sustainable future by realizing the global net-zero goals and driving decarbonization by making eMobility adoption the ground reality. Our turnkey solutions provide hardware, software and EV services to allow the eMobility ecosystem to:

  • imgPrepare for an EV-dominated future and accelerate adoption
  • imgHelp customers shift their consumption to clean energy
  • imgDrive grid reliability and control the network system for load balancing and energy distribution
  • imgAttract business investments in the community with sustainable infrastructure support
  • imgProvide residential, public and commercial charging for all your customers
  • imgAchieve sustainability goals by providing pollution-free vehicle access
  • imgBecome a trusted energy advisor for your customers throughout the process of EV adoption

Meet Our Leaders

Spearheading the eMobility revolution, our leadership team embodies deep domain proficiency and technological expertise to significantly drive change.

Deepak Garg is the Founder and CEO of SmarteMobility . A respected leader in the technology and utility industry, Deepak has over two decades of experience in product development and is responsible for driving innovation, vision, and strategy at SmarteMobility.

Deepak is an active contributor in the Forbes Technology Council. Deepak is also propelling the cleantech conversations with other utility and tech leaders with the WE3 platform. The thought leadership space brings perspectives from industry leaders on the key themes affecting the energy and eMobility world to spark change and normalize innovation. Deepak has received multiple industry recognitions such as EY Entrepreneurship of the Year, Best CEO Award, Innovator of the Year and more.

Manoj Kohli is the Chairman of SmarteMobility. Manoj Kohli, who previously held the position of Country Head at SoftBank India, is a highly accomplished entrepreneur with a proven track record. He is passionate about driving industry transformations in various fields, including mobile internet, renewable energy, digital unicorns, and electric vehicles. Manoj Kohli, the former Country Head-SoftBank, played a key role in supporting SoftBank Group and Vision Fund as one of the largest investors of $15bn in over 25 AI-focused portfolio companies in India. He provided guidance and coaching to entrepreneurs and CEOs to address growth and profitability challenges and helped them execute profitable growth strategies. Manoj also helped businesses scale up to their full potential in India and expand to international markets by building robust leadership teams, creating e2e digitization plans, developing an admired brand, and establishing strong corporate governance.

Mike Zimmer is the President of SmarteMobility. In this pivotal role, Mike spearheads SmarteMobility's global growth and accelerates energy transformation. Guided by a steadfast commitment to customers, innovation, and sustainability, Mike's leadership is focused on amplifying its SmarteMobility’s commitment to transformative progress. With his extensive experience and vision, Mike is central to driving business growth and building integrated platforms and solutions. Before his tenure with SmarteMobility, Mike spent over 27 years at Itron Inc. Mike held both regional and global leadership positions while at Itron. Most recently, Mike served as Vice President, Customer and Market Experience, Americas. Mike played a pivotal role in Itron's growth and helped establish Itron as a global market leader.

Aman Singha is the Chief Operating Officer at SmarteMobility. As an entrepreneurial leader deeply involved in operational management and financial discipline, Aman’s passion lies in driving high-growth that translates into enhanced shareholder value. By aligning culture and strategy with execution, he fosters an environment that empowers teams, both internally and externally, to propel companies towards scalable success. For him, the synergy of innovation and flawless execution is pivotal. His expertise lies in identifying strategic opportunities, formulating robust business and financial plans, and cultivating an empowering culture that harnesses a company's core strengths and competitive advantages. This approach enables him to generate growth across both the top and bottom lines while engaging and motivating employees.

Piyush Awadhesh is the Chief Product Officer at SmarteMobility. He is a prover leader for new initiatives with focus on strategy and execution on high impact and innovative solutions for next-gen products. He brings over 18 years of experience in delivering and scaling large scale consumer and enterprise IoT, SaaS and PaaS products. Piyush is passionate about technology, loves solving problems and has bias towards execution. At SmarteMobility, he drives a strong culture of product innovation and execution He has a track record of creating successful products grounds-up and work with global teams to launch across regions. Piyush is responsible for product planning, roadmap development, product design and development, innovation, systems engineering, product portfolio management, supplier collaboration programs.

Rahul Bhavale is the Vice President of Investor Relationships at SmarteMobility. Rahul is a problem solver and operator. He has a deep understanding and belief in power technology and its application to solve real life challenging problems. Rahul was formerly founding member SoftBank's global new initiatives. He globally scaled SoftBank's investments and operations in EV, clean-tech and ride sharing - which invested >$8 billion globally. He helped manage the investments, advised various SoftBank portfolio companies/founders globally. Briefly, he was also part of core team at OYO, where he advised founder/CEO on the global expansion. Prior to SoftBank, he has extensive experience in leadership roles. He led business transformations, rapid scale up and implemented strategy plans for high growth technology companies in the fintech and edu-tech sectors.

Andy Vesey is an award-winning business leader who has spent over 40 years transforming and repositioning organizations by focusing on advanced technology and execution. His former executive roles include: President and Chief Executive Officer of PG&E; Co-Founder and Senior Advisor of Earthrise Inc.; Chief Executive Officer, Managing Director and Advisor for AGL Energy and Chief Operating Officer and Executive Vice President of AES Corporation. Recognitions and awards include: ‘Business Leader of the Year’ (Climate Alliance); ‘Corporate Power List’ (Australian Financial Review); ‘CEO of The Year’ (S&P Platts Global Energy Awards); One of Australia’s ‘Low Carbon Heroes’ (

Moti Gyamlani is a llobal operations and supply chain leader with senior leadership roles in procurement and supply chain, supplier quality, IT, Digital Transformation, and global operations. His work experience spans across US, Europe, Mexico and India. He has led companywide transformation by re-engineering and digitizing processes and changing commercials models to significantly lower the costs and enable higher EBITDA. In his leadership, he has also overseen the restructuring of global supply chain organization, commodity and supply base to build a nimble supply chain function & deliver significant cost reduction. He has led the re-engineering of supply chains to reduce warehouses, inventory and supply lead times through deep supply chain analytics and application of algorithms and tools.

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