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Introducing the SmarteMobility platform, a comprehensive solution for fleet operators that seamlessly integrates hardware, software, and EV services. Empower fleet managers with real-time insights, intelligent charging capabilities, intuitive digital self-service options, and reliable charging infrastructure. The turnkey platform and services enable fleet operators to transition their fleets to EVs, reduce costs, and enhance sustainability. With advanced AI-ML analytics and predictive maintenance, the platform streamlines operations and delivers a cutting-edge solution for intelligent fleet electrification.

Solutions for Any Fleet

Passenger Fleets
Last Mile Logistics
Corporate Fleets
Municipal Fleets
Commercial Fleets
Corporate Fleets
Municipal Fleets
Commercial Fleets

Up to 45% of fleet vehicles may be suitable for electrification by 2025

Global fleet of electric two-wheelers is expected to reach 200 million by 2025

Global market for EVs is expected to reach $800 billion by 2030

Global fleet of EVs is expected to grow from 30 million in 2022 to 240 million in 2030

Empowering Electrification from Strategy to Scalability

Scale Charging Infrastructure from Site Planning, Installation and Commissioning to Driver Support and Ongoing Operations and Maximize the Potential of Fleet Electrification

EV Fleet Transition Consultation

ConsultationExpert Services for Seamless Transition to eMobility: From Start to Finish

  • check_circle Get expert advice tailored to your fleet and requirements
  • check_circle Comprehensive fleet assessment for successful planning and implementation
  • check_circle Reduce complexities with site planning and project management
  • check_circle Enhance uptime with predictive maintenance of charging infrastructure
  • check_circle Expert insights for efficient charger placement and scalability
  • check_circle White-labelled capabilities to ensure your brand visibility
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EV Fleet Transition Consultation
  • check_circle Modular design of charging stations support high utilization and uptime
  • check_circleHigh-performance and scalability of EV charging system and hardware
  • check_circleAccurate system requirements and desired solution configuration
  • check_circleEasy serviceability to safeguard mission-critical charging operations
  • check_circle 24x7 support and preventative maintenance
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EV Fleet Charging Technology
  • check_circle Automate emissions reporting, benchmark fleet emissions and track progress
  • check_circle Provide details on EV driver charging behavior, energy consumption and more
  • check_circle Boost cost visibility in real-time with comprehensive data reports
  • check_circle Customizable dashboard with cost and mileage reports
  • check_circle Access charger availability, automated transactions and usage insights
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EV Fleet Reports & Analytics
  • check_circle Seamlessly integrate with industry standards and protocols, such as OCPI and OCPP
  • check_circle Integrate residential and commercial chargers with public charging providers
  • check_circle Enable integration with various charging equipment
  • check_circle Integrate our system with any vehicle telematics, route management platform or fleet software
  • check_circle Stay compliant with state or local regulations and take advantage of tax credits or incentives
Interoperable EV Fleet Management Platform

Streamline Operations for Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

Streamline Operations to Minimize Total Cost of Ownership and Maximize Efficiency for Fleet Operators

EV Fleet Charging Management
Digital Payments & EV Fleet Charging Invoicing
EV Fleet Charging Infrastructure Remote Maintenance
EV Fleet User Management

Charging Management

Reduce Operating Costs with Smart Charging Management

  • check_circle One seamless interface to streamline fleet management
  • check_circle Monitor charging stations in real-time
  • check_circle Automate the charging process and manage energy costs
  • check_circle Manage your vehicles with data insights and make informed decisions
  • check_circle Optimize energy distribution and usage across charging stations with dynamic load management
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EV Fleet Charging Management

Payments and Invoicing

Unlock Payment Efficiency for Every Scenario

  • check_circle Track payments and generate real-time reports for improved visibility
  • check_circle Automated reimbursement options for charging sessions at home, depot and on-the-road
  • check_circle Seamless integration with various payment gateways
  • check_circle Effortless management of EV charging invoices and payments
  • check_circle Mitigate peak loads and decrease grid usage expenses
Digital Payments & EV Fleet Charging Invoicing

Remote Maintenance

24x7 Technical Support for Optimal Fleet Management & Service Operations

  • check_circle Diagnose and solve problems remotely to achieve substantial cost savings
  • check_circle Instantly receive critical alerts and fault notifications in real-time
  • check_circle Minimize maintenance expenses
  • check_circle Decrease expenses related to grid connection upgrades
  • check_circle Streamline fleet operations with prompt issue resolution and troubleshooting
EV Fleet Charging Infrastructure Remote Maintenance

User Management

Enhance User Management for Seamless Fleet Integration

  • check_circle Create and manage user groups based on specific roles and permissions
  • check_circle Set up customized user access levels and restrictions
  • check_circle Implement user authentication measures, such as secure login credentials or RFID cards
  • check_circle Customize charging fees and exercise control over user permissions
  • check_circle Integrate with third-party applications and platforms
EV Fleet User Management

Elevate Self-Service and Driver Experience

Eliminate EV Range Anxiety with Route Planning and EV Charging Stations, Elevate Digital Self-Service Capabilities and Deliver Exceptional Driver Experiences

Digital Self-ServiceEmpower Fleet Drivers with Enhanced Driver Experience

  • check_circle Accessible through intuitive online platform or dedicated native mobile app
  • check_circle Personalized interactions tailored to each driver's EV and charger information
  • check_circle Customized payment options and flexible payment arrangements
  • check_circle Customizable functionalities based on user preferences and specific business requirements
  • check_circle Support multi-lingual capabilities
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EV Fleet Driver Digital Self-Service
  • check_circle Guarantee your drivers receive a reliable, top-notch charging experience - regardless of their location
  • check_circle Enable drivers to charge at any location using a single mobile app or RFID card
  • check_circle Empower drivers to conveniently oversee and control their charging sessions remotely
  • check_circle Streamline on-route charging by optimizing charging costs and enhancing driver satisfaction
  • check_circle Employ direct roaming via OCPI for seamless charging access
Manage Fleet Charging
  • check_circle Empower end users with seamless route planning and navigation, leveraging the power of GPS capabilities
  • check_circle 24x7 mobile access to real-time information on the location and availability status of nearby charging stations
  • check_circle Simplify on-route charging by integrating with systems that optimize charging tariffs
  • check_circle Direct roaming through OCPI-compliance
  • check_circle Enable smart charging recommendations based on location, battery status and historical usage patterns
Fleet Drivers Location Intelligence
  • check_circle Real-time connectivity with fleet drivers
  • check_circle Automated notifications via various channels like text, voice, email, chatbot, push notifications, and more
  • check_circle Deliver personalized charging alerts to engage customers
  • check_circle Enable customers to control their notification settings
  • check_circle Deliver customized notifications according to driver analytics
Multichannel Notifications for EV Fleet Drivers

EV Fleet Driver Digital Self-Service

Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials

Drive Your Fleet Towards a Sustainable Future

Designed exclusively for the needs of fleet operators, our customized SmarteMobility platform empowers businesses to achieve their sustainability goals. Seamlessly integrate electric vehicles into your fleet with advanced EV charging management capabilities, ensuring efficient and reliable charging infrastructure. Gain valuable insights through AI-powered analytics, enabling you to lower operating costs, optimize energy consumption, and reduce carbon emissions. With enhanced fleet management features and intuitive interfaces, our platform streamlines operations and enhances driver experience.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

A fleet refers to a group of vehicles, including electric vehicles, owned or managed by a company or organization. It encompasses strategic planning, coordination, and management of these vehicles for business purposes, such as transportation, delivery services, or meeting operational needs within the organization's scope.

OCPI, or Open Charge Point Interface, is a standardized protocol for electric vehicle charging. It facilitates interoperability between charging stations and service providers, allowing seamless communication and data exchange. OCPI enables EV drivers to access and utilize charging stations from different networks, promoting widespread adoption and convenient charging experiences.

GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a satellite-based navigation system. It enables precise location tracking and navigation for vehicles, helping drivers determine their position and plan routes. GPS technology plays a crucial role in optimizing fleet management, charging station navigation, and overall operational efficiency.

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