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World's #1 PaaS Platform to accelerate eMobility adoption, build customer experience excellence, create robust charging infrastructure and achieve sustainability goals.

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Who We Are

SmarteMobility isn't just part of the EV revolution; we're propelling it. As the fastest-growing and world's #1 PaaS platform, we're seamlessly uniting industry visionaries to craft integrated eMobility solutions. Our platforms, fortified by cutting-edge AI, ML, and IoT Analytics, seamlessly bridge energy providers, retailers, smart cities, charging station operators, corporate enterprises, and fleet operators with end users.

Encompassing hardware, software, and comprehensive EV services, our platforms empower the seamless management and ownership of electric vehicles. But our mission is more than that. It's about driving an energy transformation, catalyzing EV adoption through enhanced charging infrastructure. We're crafting an intelligent ecosystem that doesn't just accelerate EV uptake – it enhances customer experiences, establishes robust charging networks, and helps us achieve our shared sustainability goals.

Leading the Way

Vehicle Electrification

Effortlessly propel widespread vehicle electrification and boost the adoption of EVs. Our comprehensive connected platforms and solutions cater to the needs of both customers and businesses. Cultivate a smart customer and charging experience that empowers the eMobility movement and fosters a sustainable future for transportation.

Energy Transformation

Seamlessly integrating advanced charging infrastructure, smart grid technologies, and renewable energy solutions, we're redefining energy transformation. Our vision goes beyond electrification—it's about orchestrating a holistic energy ecosystem that propels eMobility forward while minimizing environmental impact.

Charging Infrastructure Resilience

Forge the backbone of eMobility with charging infrastructure resilience that stands unwavering in the face of modern challenges. Uniting reliability with innovation, we're engineering solutions that mitigate downtime, optimize energy distribution, and seamlessly integrate with smart grids.

Customer Experience

At the core of our approach to eMobility is a commitment to redefine how customers interact with electric vehicles and their ecosystem. From hassle-free charging solutions to user-friendly apps, every touchpoint is designed to empower EV owners. Our goal is to make the transition to eMobility seamless and inspiring.

Net Zero

Through innovative technologies and cutting-edge eMobility solutions, we're steering the industry towards a net-zero carbon footprint. Our platforms are shaping a new era where the concept of mobility aligns seamlessly with a planet-first mindset, paving the way for a cleaner, greener, and more sustainable future for generations to come.


Our approach is firmly rooted in ESG principles. Through our connected platforms and innovative solutions, we're shaping a future where transportation not only advances human progress but also leaves a positive impact on the planet and communities we serve.

Your Trusted Partner in eMobility Transformation

SmarteMobility offers an integrated, end-to-end turnkey solution of software, hardware and EV services, catering to your entire EV charging needs and facilitating seamless eMobility experiences.


Our best-in-class IaaS platform integrates all aspects of EV charging and battery storage, and enhances your charging infrastructure

  • Detailed Planning & Customized Solutions
  • Unified Procurement & Comprehensive Order Management
  • Predictive Inventory & Logistics Management
  • Rigorous System Testing & Timely Deployment
  • Preventative Maintenance & 24x7 Customer Service


Our all-in-one SaaS platform seamlessly connects stakeholders, elevates eMobility experiences and fuels sustainable innovation

  • Manage EV Charging
  • Rebates & Programs
  • Customer Experience
  • Load Balancing
  • AI-ML Analytics
  • Integration & Interoperability


Our platform services facilitate electrification maturity, offering effortless management for EV infrastructure, energy optimization and adoption

  • Expert Consulting
  • Installation & Support
  • Operations & Maintenance
  • Energy Services

SmarteMobility Solutions

Futuristic, Feature-Rich and Flexible

EV Charging Management

Integrate with multiple charging networks, enable real-time monitoring and provide data-driven insights to maximize charging infrastructure efficiency

EV Customer Experience

Comprehensive capabilities that drive digital self-service, enhance customer experience and promote environmental stewardship

EV Rebates & Programs Management

Enhance customer experience and promote the widespread eMobility adoption with tailored saving programs, rebates and incentives

EV Charging Management

Integrate with multiple charging networks, enable real-time monitoring and provide data-driven insights to maximize charging infrastructure efficiency

EV Customer Outreach

Drive electric vehicle adoption and customer engagement with AI-powered marketing and outreach services

EV Analytics

Empower businesses and end customers with enhanced EV experiences by leveraging intelligent insights and analytics

Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials

Value Derived


70% Increase in eMobility Adoption


90% Increase in Customer Satisfaction


52% Improvement in Energy Efficiency


63% Reduction in Customer Care Expense


99% Increase in Uptime and Reliability


91% Increase in Program Enrollment

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