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SmarteMobility is revolutionizing the eMobility landscape by providing energy retailers with a comprehensive platform. Our turnkey solution empowers retailers to leverage customer-centric offerings, intelligent energy management solutions, smart charging capabilities, and cutting-edge technologies, enabling them to establish and maintain a leading market position. With SmarteMobility, the possibilities are endless. Strengthen customer relationships, analyze energy data, gain insights into usage patterns, and offer customized EV solutions to end customers across various segments such as residential users, multi-family residential complexes, commercial workplaces, fleet operators and more.

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

Factories & Warehouses
Universities & Institutes
Retail Centers & Shopping Malls
Factories & Warehouses
Universities & Institutes
Retail Centers & Shopping Malls
Building & Owners
Hotels & Hospitality
Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
Sports Complexes & Stadiums
Restaurants & Food Chains
Building & Owners
Hotels & Hospitality
Hospitals & Healthcare Facilities
Sports Complexes & Stadiums
Restaurants & Food Chains

Simplify EV Transition and Streamline EV Charging Management

Implement End-to-End Hardware Services, Enabling a Seamless eMobility Transition and a Scalable Hardware-Agnostic Solution to Streamline EV Charging Management

ConsultationExpert Assistance for an End-to-End eMobility Transition

  • check_circle Tailored expert guidance for your specific business needs
  • check_circle Thorough analysis for fleet electrification and charging infrastructure mapping
  • check_circle Simplify site planning and project management challenges
  • check_circle Improve uptime through predictive maintenance of chargers
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EV Consultation Services
  • check_circle Robust white-labelled charging hardware to meet your specific business requirements
  • check_circle Hassle-free deployment of fully compliant charging stations, ensuring consistent high uptime
  • check_circle Benefit from integrated energy storage solutions and a diverse range of storage facilities
  • check_circle Expert services for software installation, configuration and customization, adapting to your unique environment
  • check_circle Access top-notch predictive maintenance services and round-the-clock support
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EV Hardware Solutions
  • check_circle Enable dynamic charging and proactive monitoring for all your EV charging needs across premise
  • check_circle Optimize energy costs by efficient load balancing across charging stations
  • check_circle Access comprehensive dashboards for improved uptime, usage and maintenance of charging stations
  • check_circle Hardware-agnostic capabilities to ensure seamless charging
  • check_circle White-labelled platform to ensure brand visibility
EV Charging Station Management
  • check_circle Acquire comprehensive intelligence on your end user segments to maximize program ROI
  • check_circle Monitor program participation and track users' energy and cost reductions
  • check_circle Create personalized efficiency programs for energy management basis users' behavior analysis
  • check_circle Encourage off-peak charging for EV drivers with smart TOU rate plans and demand response programs
  • check_circle Predict energy usage and proactively offer energy-saving tips and recommendations
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EV Rebates & Programs Management
  • check_circle Ensure seamless interoperability with customizable capabilities, tailored to meet your unique business needs
  • check_circle Compliance across security protocols and privacy regulations
  • check_circle Ensure data protection and privacy for your users
  • check_circle Available in multiple languages basis requirement
  • check_circle Effortless scalability across hardware-agnostic systems to meet your expanding user base
Secure & Flexible

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

Maximize Energy Efficiency, Cut Operational Expenses, and Achieve Substantial Cost Savings by Optimizing Uptime and Expanding eMobility Operations for EV Drivers

Integration & Interoperability

End-to-End Integrated Capabilities to Maximize Business Value

  • check_circle Scalable to integrate a growing number of DERs and renewable sources
  • check_circle Allow integration with energy storage systems
  • check_circle Integration with charge points from multiple OCPP-compliant vendors
  • check_circle Support demand response programs and demand side management systems
  • check_circle Enable informed decisions on energy allocation, storage utilization and overall energy usage
Integration & Interoperability

User Insights & Analytics

Know Your User Segments and Provide Personalized EV Services

  • check_circleLeverage AI-ML algorithms to analyze energy usage and EV adoption patterns
  • check_circleGain valuable insights into user preferences, behaviors and trends
  • check_circleEmploy automated payment workflows and maintain transparency across financial transactions with end users
  • check_circleUtilize data analytics to identify usage patterns and generate predictive insights
  • check_circleOptimize energy efficiency metrics and sustainability indicators
EV User Insights & Analytics

Fleet Management

Maximizing Efficiency in Fleet Management & Electrification

  • check_circle Streamline EV fleet management using AI-ML algorithms for energy analysis
  • check_circle Employ predictive maintenance to enhance fleet reliability and charging infrastructure efficiency
  • check_circle Implement smart grid integration to manage energy demands and maximize renewable energy utilization
  • check_circle Customize EV training programs for drivers and operators
  • check_circle Monitor and analyze vehicle performance metrics to continuously improve fleet efficiency
Fleet Management

Streamline EV Ownership for End-Users

Simplify EV Ownership for Drivers, Foster Loyalty through Enticing EV Charging Perks, and Enhance Accessibility of EV Charging Infrastructure for All Users

Digital Self-ServiceA User-Friendly Approach to EV Ownership

  • check_circle Ensure seamless EV ownership with easy-to-use online platform and mobile app
  • check_circle Provide digital connectivity to users for their EV needs
  • check_circle Tailored features for different user segments - be it employees, fleet drivers or guest users
  • check_circle Configure and customize automated alerts to align with your business needs
  • check_circle Offer timely suggestions on charging behavior, new rates, and EV-related products and services
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Digital Self-Service
  • check_circle Offer intuitive mobile app for end users to manage their EV charging on-the-go
  • check_circle Empower users to remotely locate, reserve charging slots, and control their charging sessions
  • check_circle Enable EV drivers to manage charging schedules and view their charging history
  • check_circle Offer advanced functionalities like roaming, route planning, and navigation to enhance the user experience
  • check_circle Engage with end users through real-time charging alerts
Manage EV Charging

Transforming Enterprises into Agents of Change

Our platform empowers commercial and industrial enterprises to lead the eMobility transition and drive sustainability. With advanced EV charging management capabilities, businesses can establish reliable and scalable charging networks for employees, fleet drivers, and other users. Our platform enhances user experience and enables seamless EV ownership through improved digital self-service. Leveraging advanced AI-ML analytics, we provide valuable insights on energy consumption, carbon footprint reduction, and cost savings, empowering enterprises to make informed decisions and accelerate their sustainability goals.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

C&I stands for ‘Commercial and Industrial’. It refers to a sector that encompasses commercial enterprises and industrial activities. C&I plays a crucial role in economic growth, job creation, and overall development. By transitioning to electric vehicles, the C&I sector contributes to sustainability and reduced carbon emissions.

A guest user refers to an individual who is not a regular employee or user but is granted temporary access to the premises. Guest users can take advantage of the available charging infrastructure, within the premises, enabling them to conveniently charge their electric vehicles while visiting or as customers of the establishment.

Predictive maintenance is a proactive approach to equipment upkeep that uses data analysis, artificial intelligence and machine learning to forecast potential failures. For electric vehicle charging stations, it involves leveraging real-time data from sensors and usage patterns to anticipate maintenance needs, ensuring optimal performance, reducing downtime, and enhancing user experience.

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