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of eMobility

Integrated EV Platform for Utilities to Drive eMobility Adoption and Enhance Energy Management

Powered by AI/ML
Comprehensive Offerings for Global Utilities to Prepare for the eMobility Transition

Our comprehensive turnkey solution integrates hardware, software, and EV services, enabling utilities to establish an ecosystem to address adoption, planning and maintaining grid stability. Powered by AI, ML, and IoT, our platform empowers utilities to deliver exceptional customer experiences, drive digital self-service, plan and maintain charging infrastructure, partner with stakeholders, and fast-track sustainability initiatives. Embrace the future with our innovative technology, elevating your role in driving the EV revolution.

Enhance Charging Infrastructure and Grid Resiliency

Ramp Up the EV Infrastructure with Live Load Analytics, Intelligent Insights and Demand Prediction for Better Preparedness

Plan, Install & Maintain EV Charging Stations

Plan, Install & Maintain Charging StationsAddress All EV Charging Needs with One Integrated Platform

  • check_circleManage multiple charging stations and energy storage in real-time
  • check_circleTrack and manage charging sessions, transactions and users to optimize uptime
  • check_circleMaximize the potential of smart charging to enhance profitability and reduce costs
  • check_circleAnalyze usage patterns and derive intelligent charging insights to improve charging station performance
  • check_circleMonitor usage and automate payment flows and reimbursement processes
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Plan, Install & Maintain EV Charging Stations
  • check_circle Tailored hardware solutions for public, residential and commercial charging segments
  • check_circle In-depth analysis to align with your specific requirements
  • check_circle Adherence to time and budget constraints
  • check_circle Site surveys for validation pre-deployment
  • check_circle Post-implementation support and proactive maintenance
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EV Charging Hardware
  • check_circle Enhance cost savings by implementing intelligent scheduling for EV charger availability
  • check_circle Implement advanced energy management capabilities to optimize charging infrastructure
  • check_circle Seamlessly integrate solar power and energy storage systems for EV charging
  • check_circle Leverage V2X technology to enable EVs to serve as energy storage units and enhance grid stabilization
  • check_circle Integrate with demand response systems to respond to grid demands
Dynamic Energy Load Management
  • check_circle Implement dynamic smart tariffs to incentivize EV drivers to charge during off-peak hours
  • check_circle Offer support for multiple billing tariffs and plans to cater to diverse customer needs
  • check_circle Introduce Time of Use (TOU) rate plans for efficient and cost-effective charging
  • check_circle Customize rate plans according to the user type, distinguishing between commercial, residential and guest users
  • check_circle Introduce reward programs or discounts for users who frequently utilize off-peak charging
Flexible EV Charging Tariffs
  • check_circle Enable remote troubleshooting and issue resolution capabilities
  • check_circle Leverage AI-based analytics for advanced insights into field activities and data-driven decision-making
  • check_circle Pre-integrated with Mobile Field Workforce Management to streamline workforce management
  • check_circle Optimize field workforce journeys according to utility's specific requirements
  • check_circle Maximize resource utilization and improve service levels
Field Operations

Drive New Business Growth and Scalability

Expand Grid Utilization with Integrated eMobility Services and Build Scalable Energy Networks to Meet Evolving Needs

EV Platform Integrations
Customer Targeting
Hardware-Agnostic & Interoperable EV Platform
Energy Regulation & Compliance
Digital Customer Self-Service

AI/ML Analytics

Embrace AI-ML to Drive Innovation and Unlock New Opportunities for Growth

  • check_circle Track key metrics and identify areas for optimization using intuitive and scalable dashboards
  • check_circle Boost Time-of-Use (TOU) rates and demand response program enrollment with AI-based insights
  • check_circle Predict future load using EV adoption data, energy usage information and charging patterns
  • check_circle Perform energy disaggregation and enable intelligent distribution of energy usage across appliances and EVs
  • check_circle Track performance data through detailed reports and make data-driven decisions
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AI/ML Analytics

Platform Integrations

Empower EV Users with Seamless Energy Management

  • check_circle Seamlessly integrate with Smart Meter data to offer intelligent insights
  • check_circle Integrate DER, solar and energy storage systems for a comprehensive energy management solution
  • check_circle Seamless integration with digital marketplace to offer a wide range of products and services to users
  • check_circle Enable smooth integration with back-end systems such as CMS, CIS, OMS, CRM, ERP etc.
  • check_circle Ensure cohesive user experience using pre-integration with SmarteMobility’s Customer Experience (CX) Platform and other customer solutions
EV Platform Integrations

Customer Targeting

Leverage AI-Powered Behavioral Insights to Expand Reach and Adoption

  • check_circle Accelerate EV adoption with micro-segmentation and intelligent targeting
  • check_circle Accelerate accurate customer profiling through meter data disaggregation
  • check_circle Identify ideal customers, offer personalized rebates and programs and maximize ROI
  • check_circle Engage with personalized communication tailored to customers' specific needs
  • check_circle Customize programs and incentives based on individual customer charging behaviors
Customer Targeting

Hardware-Agnostic & Interoperable

Drive Interoperability with Turnkey Hardware-Agnostic Capabilities

  • check_circle Uphold industry-leading security and privacy standards
  • check_circle Ensure seamless compatibility with charge points from various OCPP-compliant vendors
  • check_circle Provide support across a comprehensive range of chargers and protocols, catering charging infrastructure requirements
  • check_circle Ensure reliable power supply for EV charging operations with seamless connectivity to the grid
  • check_circle Secure your customers' data and ensure 100% privacy compliance
Hardware-Agnostic & Interoperable EV Platform

Regulation & Compliance

Staying Ahead of Industry Regulations and Requirements

  • check_circle Ensure conformity to policies and compliances
  • check_circle Regular monitoring and updates to maintain compliance
  • check_circle Expert guidance on navigating complex regulatory frameworks
  • check_circle Efficient documentation and reporting to meet compliance requirements
Energy Regulation & Compliance

Elevate Customer Engagement and Experience

Deliver All-Integrated Platform for Customers, Seamlessly Addressing their eMobility Needs, Promoting EV Adoption and Enhancing Energy Efficiency

Digital Self-Service Simplify EV Ownership with Digital & Mobile Customer Experience Platform

  • check_circle Enhance customer experience by enabling them to easily locate nearby charging stations through intuitive map interface
  • check_circle Empower EV drivers with personalized charging station preferences and efficient route planning
  • check_circle Provide customers with comprehensive insights into their energy usage in real-time
  • check_circle Offer convenient home charging solutions to end users with off-the-shelf available hardware options
  • check_circle Pre-integrated white-labelled solution for brand elevation and seamless integration
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Digital Customer Self-Service
  • check_circleIntegrate with multiple payment gateways and payment plans
  • check_circleEffortlessly integrate EV charging with energy bills for enhanced user convenience
  • check_circleEmpower users to set their preferred payment methods and view payment history
  • check_circleEnable paperless billing and provide scheduled payment options and other payment arrangement plans
  • check_circleDeliver a connected journey with payment history, future bill projections, rate plan recommendations and personalized offers
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Digital Billing & Payments
  • check_circleNotify customers in real-time about charging session duration, charging status and energy usage
  • check_circleProvide personalized services 24x7 through text, IVR, chatbot, email and push notifications
  • check_circleImplement proactive payment reminders to facilitate timely and hassle-free transactions
  • check_circleAllow users to set their preferred channels of communication through a Preference Center
  • check_circleAutomate workflows for efficient query handling and customize notification templates as per business needs
Alert Management System
  • check_circle Incentivize customer to drive off-peak charging with customized plans and rebates
  • check_circle Educate customers with comprehensive reports on energy and cost savings
  • check_circle Analyze EV customer usage data to create and manage demand response events
  • check_circle Address peak demand-supply challenges with intelligent TOU rate plans
  • check_circle Provide real-time notifications to customers about new and ongoing EV charging programs
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EV Rebates & Programs
  • check_circle Expert guidance to customers on energy and EV management
  • check_circle Intelligent recommendations to optimize energy usage and reduce costs
  • check_circle Facilitate customers to switch to clean energy and advance sustainability
  • check_circle Evaluate and recommend smart charging initiatives
  • check_circle Drive customer behavior changes and foster demand responsiveness
Energy Advisor
  • check_circle Cater to unique needs of different user segments - residential, commercial and industrial enterprises, property managers, multi-family residency and more
  • check_circle Drive strategic partnerships with fleet operators, charging station operators, cities and municipalities
  • check_circle Provide seamless support for new construction projects and building premises
  • check_circle Customize offerings for facility management companies such as airports, hospitals and educational institutions
  • check_circle Incorporate new features based on evolving industry landscape and business requirements
Multiple EV User Segments

Digital Customer Self-Service

Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials

Utilities as Sustainability Innovators

Our platform empowers utilities to accelerate EV adoption through grid optimization, renewable energy integration, expanded charging infrastructure, and improved customer experience. By leveraging smart technologies, demand response programs, and data analytics, we help utilities enhance efficiency, reduce emissions, and empower customers, actively driving eMobility transition and contributing to a sustainable future.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

DER stands for Distributed Energy Resources. It refers to decentralized energy generation, storage, and management systems. DER includes technologies like solar panels, wind turbines, energy storage systems, and electric vehicles (EVs). These resources can be integrated into the power grid, enabling greater flexibility, energy efficiency, and the utilization of renewable energy sources.

Interoperability refers to the ability of different systems, devices, or platforms to seamlessly communicate and work together. Interoperability ensures that EV charging infrastructure, software, and protocols can interoperate, enabling compatibility and smooth integration. This facilitates widespread adoption, flexibility, and efficient management of charging networks.

IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. It is an automated telephony system that interacts with callers, allowing them to interact with a computerized voice menu and navigate through options using touch-tone keypad or voice commands. IVR systems can provide self-service options for EV charging inquiries, EV ownership, energy management and support. This enables utilities to reduce cost-to-serve, improve service levels and enhance customer experience.

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