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EV Management and Charging Solutions for New Avenues of Revenue Growth

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Unleashing the 'eMobility Edge' for Energy Retailers

SmarteMobility is revolutionizing the eMobility landscape by providing energy retailers with a comprehensive platform. Our turnkey solution empowers retailers to leverage customer-centric offerings, intelligent energy management solutions, smart charging capabilities, and cutting-edge technologies, enabling them to establish and maintain a leading market position. With SmarteMobility, the possibilities are endless.

Diversify Offerings & Increase Revenue Opportunities

Leverage Longstanding Customer Relationships to Offer Customized EV Management and Charging Solutions, while Unlocking New Avenues of Revenue Growth

Smart Energy ManagementBalancing Power, Maximizing Efficiency - One Integrated Platform

  • check_circle Implement load management at individual charging sites
  • check_circle Intelligently regulate the flow of energy between the grid and electric vehicles
  • check_circle Employ V2G technology to efficiently control energy consumption and offer rebates to drivers
  • check_circle Craft specialized and TOU rate plans that incentivize off-peak charging
Smart Energy Management
  • check_circle Address customer concerns and provide personalized information to automate consumer actions
  • check_circle Deliver personalized promotions and insights to encourage EV adoption
  • check_circle Provide customers with charging behavior insights to optimize cost and energy consumption
  • check_circle Monitor campaign performance and optimize communication strategy
  • check_circle Leverage AI-ML for customer journeys and interactions
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EV Charging Insights
  • check_circle Craft unique customer experiences by seamlessly integrating EV charging management into your current business systems
  • check_circle Seamlessly integrate with Smart Home and energy storage solutions
  • check_circle Easily integrate with the SmarteMobility EV Customer Experience (CX) platform and other customer solutions
  • check_circle White-labelled solution tailored to meet your unique business needs
Platform Integration

Enhance Customer Engagement

Build Customer Engagement with Comprehensive Home, Fleet, Commercial Enterprises and Public Charging Services

Manage EV Charging

Deliver a Seamless EV Ownership Experience with Intuitive Digital and Mobile Platform

  • check_circle Facilitate convenient access to nearby charging stations for customers
  • check_circle Empower customers with control over their charging sessions and schedules
  • check_circle Enable EV owners to set their charging station preferences and access charging history
  • check_circle Provide real-time visibility to customers on their energy levels and consumption
  • check_circle Allow customers to benchmark their charging behavior against peers, comparing energy savings and costs
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Manage EV Charging

Billing & Payments

Empower Your Customers with Convenience and Personalization

  • check_circle Empower EV owners with convenient payment options - online payments, digital wallets, ACH/e-check, debit and credit cards
  • check_circle Build connected journeys for your customers integrating billing history, future projections, personalized offers and expert advice on rate plans
  • check_circle Provide scheduled payment options and promote paperless billing
  • check_circle Offer tailored payment experiences with personalized payment options and custom payment arrangement plans
  • check_circle Engage with customers with intelligent notifications and alerts on payment reminders and bill payment statuses
Billing & Payments

Multichannel Notifications

Forge Lasting Customer Partnerships with Multichannel Communication

  • check_circle Streamline alerts through multichannel communication - text, voice, email, chatbot, push notifications
  • check_circle Educate users with relevant information while introducing EV and charging adoption initiatives
  • check_circle Captivate customers with customized charging notifications tailored to their preferences
  • check_circle Empower customers to manage their notification preferences
  • check_circle Deliver focused notifications on relevant offerings based on customer segmentation and targeting strategies
Multichannel Notifications

Rebates & Programs

Incentivize EV Adoption with Personalized Rebates & Programs

  • check_circle Tailor targeted savings programs to cater to various user segments effectively
  • check_circle Streamline the process of enrolling in programs and rebates
  • check_circle Provide personalized rate plans and demand response programs to shift energy consumption to off-peak hours
  • check_circle Deliver a holistic view of available incentives and state-funded programs to consumers
  • check_circle Integrated with digital marketplace that offers customized rebates and programs to customers
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Rebates & Programs

Unified & Integrated

Seamless Integration Made Easy with our Intelligent Platform

  • check_circle Empower comprehensive energy management for EV users
  • check_circle Effortlessly incorporate smart meter data
  • check_circle Facilitate seamless integration with smart home ecosystem and mobile apps
  • check_circle Integrate with renewable energy systems and distributed energy resources (DERs) and promote green charging
  • check_circle Integrate demand response and incentivize off-peak charging
Unified & Integrated

Service Ecosystem

Elevating Ownership Experience, Ensuring Peace of Mind

  • check_circle Develop a holistic ecosystem of value-added services for EV owners
  • check_circle Tailor inclusive packages to cater to individual users' needs
  • check_circle Encompass a variety of services, including specialized insurance packages, home charging installation, roadside assistance and more
  • check_circle Offer integrated fleet management solutions for commercial EV fleet operators
  • check_circle Offer regular maintenance and servicing packages to optimize EV performance for the end users
Service Ecosystem

Contribute to the Overall Adoption & Success of eMobility

Empower Consumers across Diverse User Segments, Including Residential, Enterprises, and Fleet Drivers, with Rewarding Experiences throughout their EV Ownership Journey

Smart Charging ManagementStreamlined Charging Management Solutions, All in One Place

  • check_circle Seamlessly monitor charging sessions in real-time
  • check_circle Efficiently schedule the availability of EV chargers to optimize charging operations
  • check_circle Manage multiple charging stations and energy storage units from one integrated platform
  • check_circle Monitor and track energy usage, revenue and payments
  • check_circle Automate payment flows and simplify reimbursement processes
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Smart Charging Management
  • check_circle Manage multiple EV charging use cases from a single platform
  • check_circle Flexible charging solution that effortlessly scales to accommodate your expanding requirements
  • check_circle Extensive support for a wide array of chargers, charge point operators and protocols
  • check_circle Future-proof your EV hardware and software and ensure OCPP compliance
  • check_circle Ensure regulatory standards are met without any compromise
  • check_circle Customized hardware solutions for public, residential and commercial charging sectors
  • check_circle Comprehensive solutions for charging station installation, from assessment and permitting to procurement and installation
  • check_circle Continuous maintenance and troubleshooting support for optimal charging station performance
  • check_circle Charging station management services for monitoring and control of EV charging infrastructure
  • check_circle Seamless operation of the charging network with remote monitoring, scheduled maintenance, fault detection and billing management
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EV Hardware & Services
  • check_circle Flexibility to set diverse tariffs and plans
  • check_circle Implement dynamic pricing models that adjust rates based on the demand
  • check_circle Recognize unique needs and consumption patterns for different user segments and provide tailored rate plans
  • check_circle Offer reduced rates for using renewable energy sources or participating in demand response programs
  • check_circle Enable seamless integration with energy management systems
Dynamic Rates & Tariffs

Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy & Utilities
EV Charging Providers
Energy Retailers
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials
Energy Retailers
Apartments & Landlords
Industrial & Commercials

Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future

Enable your energy retail businesses to embrace revolutionary eMobility solutions and contribute to sustainability goals with SmarteMobility. Customers demand environmentally friendly solutions, and SmarteMobility enables you to meet their expectations. With our platform, you can tap into new revenue streams, seize opportunities in the expanding market, and position your business for exponential growth. Ensure compliance, optimize energy grids, and build unwavering customer loyalty by championing sustainability. SmarteMobility empowers you to make a lasting impact on the environment while propelling your business toward a sustainable future.

Platform Benefits

Reduction in Cost on Infrastructure Upgrades
Increase in Revenue
Increase in Uptime and Reliability
Improvement in Charging Station Performance

Frequently Asked Questions

EV ownership refers to the process of owning and operating an electric vehicle (EV). It entails possessing a car that runs on electricity rather than conventional fossil fuels. EV ownership offers numerous advantages, including reduced carbon emissions, lower fuel costs, and a more environmentally sustainable mode of transportation. With EVs, individuals can contribute to a cleaner and greener future while enjoying the benefits of advanced technology and innovative driving experiences.

Green charging refers to the practice of charging EVs using renewable energy sources. It involves using clean energy generated from solar, wind, or hydroelectric power to recharge EV batteries. Green charging helps reduce the carbon footprint associated with EVs by minimizing reliance on fossil fuel-generated electricity. By choosing green charging options, EV owners can maximize the environmental benefits of their vehicles and further contribute to a sustainable and clean energy future.

Smart homes are residences equipped with advanced technologies that enable automation, control, and connectivity of various devices and systems. These technologies, often integrated through a central hub or smartphone app, allow homeowners to remotely manage and monitor their home's lighting, temperature, appliances, and more. Smart homes offer convenience, energy efficiency, and enhanced security. They enable users to customize settings, receive notifications, and even optimize energy consumption through intelligent scheduling and automation.

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