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An EV charging infrastructure requires planning. Our integrated hardware and software solutions cover everything from EV charging to battery storage, working seamlessly with energy and utility systems. We also provide 24x7 customer support, round-the-clock maintenance, installation and replacement facilities.

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Meeting Your

End-to-End Needs



We understand your needs and tailor the products following detailed planning:

  • check_circleRequirements gathering and thorough analysis to align the solution as per the needs
  • check_circleAnalyze and present the best-fit options for a customized solution
  • check_circleEnsure that reliable resources with domain expertise are working to deliver the solution
  • check_circleIdentify the impact on deploying the solution in terms of customer and operational benefits
  • check_circleReview and course-correct to ensure alignment with your needs
  • check_circleImplement the solution with strict adherence to the timeline and budget


We make sure we deliver the best-in-class EV charging solution, adopting seamless procurement practices across the value chain:

  • check_circlePartner with leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)
  • check_circleAnalyze the needs and requirements for unified procurement
  • check_circleEvaluate suppliers to ensure top-quality and manage the supply chain end-to-end
  • check_circleComprehensive order management for timely closures
  • check_circleInvoice tracking for secure transactions
  • check_circleValidate delivery and compliance adherence


To ensure the perfect solution for the charging needs of electric vehicles, we adopt well-planned strategies across the various distribution channels:

  • check_circleMaintain warehouse storage to guarantee a steady supply
  • check_circlePredictive inventory management to cater to the demands
  • check_circleWide range of storage facilities to ensure short ramp-up times and longer-term secure staging
  • check_circlePre-configure the equipment to reduce the complexity and increase the reliability of the charging solution
  • check_circleTest the solution to identify vulnerabilities and ensure 100% compliance
  • check_circleCreate mutually beneficial partnerships with partners and vendors
  • check_circleIntelligently manage logistics of resources and products to the fulfilment center
  • check_circleCost-effectively manage and track shipping across the network


We offer end-to-end solution deployment, easy management of hardware and quick integration into your system with comprehensive steps:

  • check_circleCollaborate with prominent certified local partners
  • check_circleEnable safety assurance with a systematic process for securing permits
  • check_circleConfirm the system requirements for precise, desired configuration of the solution
  • check_circleConduct on-site validation with site survey before final solution deployment
  • check_circleEstablish a deployment timeline and ensure adherence to the schedule
  • check_circleInstall software to the desired environment, set configurations and create customizations
  • check_circleConduct system testing to verify that the solution has been correctly deployed and meets the requirements
  • check_circleProvide training to the client personnel to facilitate solution adoption


Our team ensures complete customer satisfaction by offering an advanced product, project execution, proactive maintenance, and dependable after-sales service:

  • check_circleOffer dedicated support after go-live to ensure integrated solution implementation
  • check_circleProvide preventive maintenance to prevent problems without incurring unnecessary frequent resolutions
  • check_circleEnable system updates to add new enhancements to the solution and remove outdated ones
  • check_circle24x7 customer service support for a smooth, easy and seamless experience for end-users
  • check_circleMonitor the solution in real-time to identify areas of improvement and opportunities to add new features

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