Mike Zimmer Joins SmarteMobility as President Mike Zimmer Joins SmarteMobility as President

Mike Zimmer Joins SmarteMobility as President

Charged to Drive Global Growth and Build End-to-End Integrated Platforms that Drive eMobility Advancement


Irvine, California

SmarteMobility announces a significant addition to its leadership team with the esteemed appointment of Mike Zimmer as President. In this pivotal role, Mike Zimmer will spearhead SmarteMobility’s global growth and catalyze the acceleration of energy transformation.

Guided by a steadfast commitment to customers, innovation and sustainability, Mike's leadership will allow SmarteMobility to further amplify its commitment to transformative progress. With his extensive experience and vision, Mike will play a central role in driving business growth and building integrated platforms and solutions.

Before his tenure with SmarteMobility, Mike spent over 27 years at Itron Inc. Mike held both regional and global leadership positions while at Itron. Most recently serving as Vice President, Customer and Market Experience, Americas. Mike played a pivotal role in Itron’s growth and helped establish Itron as a global market leader.

SmarteMobility, a fast-growing PaaS provider, offers integrated hardware and software solutions to various entities within the electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. With cutting-edge technology at its core, SmarteMobility empowers utilities, charging station operators, energy retailers, smart cities, commercial enterprises, and automotive companies to accelerate EV adoption, meet end-to-end charging infrastructure needs, enhance customer experiences, and make meaningful contributions to a EV-driven sustainable future.

Mike’s resonance with SmarteMobility’s vision is evident in the new role as a visionary leader, dedicated to spearheading the global eMobility revolution and shaping a sustainable future for generations to come. Mike's leadership sets the stage for a transformative evolution of the electric vehicle landscape through SmarteMobility, playing a substantial role in realizing the company’s mission.

Joining SmarteMobility is an exciting venture, and I'm eager to lead our charge into the future of electric mobility. Our potential to reshape the landscape of energy and mobility industries is immense and as we embark on this journey, I'm honored to work alongside the exceptional team at SmarteMobility. Together, we'll pave the way for a smarter and more sustainable tomorrow.” - Mike Zimmer, President, SmarteMobility

"Mike's appointment as President marks an exciting chapter in SmarteMobility's journey. His extensive experience and visionary leadership will be instrumental in steering our industry growth. With Mike on board, we are well-positioned to revolutionize the electric vehicle ecosystem and achieve our mission of accelerating eMobility adoption, enhancing customer experiences, and building a sustainable future." - Deepak Garg, CEO & Founder, SmarteMobility.

About SmarteMobility

SmarteMobility is the fastest growing and world’s #1 PaaS platform that brings together different industry players and offers a single integrated platform to further the EV revolution. The platform, powered by the latest technologies, such as, AI, ML, and IoT Analytics, seamlessly connects energy providers, retailers, smart cities, charging station operators, corporate enterprises, fleet operators and others with end customers.

By empowering individuals to effectively manage and control their electric vehicles, our platform enables various stakeholders in the EV ecosystem to make intelligent investments and deliver bundled experiences that ensure seamless and highly satisfying customer experiences. The platform is significantly advancing eMobility with right Empowerment, Automation, and Grid management. We are on a mission to build a smart ecosystem to accelerate electric vehicle adoption, build customer experience excellence, create robust charging infrastructure and achieve sustainability goals.

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