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How much are you aware about the NEVI Program?


What is NEVI Funding?

The National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program is a key constituent of the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) (also called Bipartisan Infrastructure Law). Signed by President Joe Biden on November 15, 2021, the law authorizes $1.2 trillion for transportation and infrastructure spending.

Under IIJA, the NEVI Formula and Discretionary Grant Program promises up to $7.5 billion for electric vehicle infrastructure, including the charging infrastructure. The goal is to enable 500,000 public chargers across the United States (including D.C. and Puerto Rico) by 2030. The funding is two-fold:

  • Under the NEVI Formula Program, states nationwide will be granted up to $5 billion for strategic deployment of EV charging stations to increase accessibility reliability and establish interconnected networks.
  • Additionally, the Discretionary Grant Program promises a $2.5 billion competitive grant to build public EV charging infrastructure, alternative-fueling networks, and community charging networks.

Where to start?

We have got you covered. SmarteMobility is your end-to-end solution for NEVI-funded projects. Here’s why:

We deliver NEVI-compliant products while keeping your requirements in mind. From Planning to Deployment to Maintenance, our products are meticulously tailored to your needs.

  • check_circle Planning: Tailored solutions for successful NEVI funding.
  • check_circle Procurement: Acquire high-quality charging infrastructure.
  • check_circle Distribution: Efficient operations across various distribution channels.
  • check_circle Deployment: Quick deployment and seamless integration into your system.
  • check_circle Maintenance: Our qualified team ensures proactive maintenance and complete customer satisfaction.

Our digital SaaS platform, powered by AI/ML, ensures full NEVI compliance, and meets the regulation standards.

  • check_circle Managed EV Charging: Smart Charging capabilities to manage you and your customer’s charging needs seamlessly with remote management.
  • check_circle Payments: Open-charging standards-compliance enables open-access payment methods such as contactless payment methods for easy payments.
  • check_circle Interoperability: Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) support. And facilitate the integration of Smart Meter Data to enable seamless data-sharing.
  • check_circleSecurity: Built on secure and compliant frameworks, our platform enables data security and any disruption to the operations.
  • check_circle Scalability: Built-in modularity to scale and accommodate consumer growth.

Services: Our team of qualified and experienced consultants ensures a best-in-class solution to electrification.

  • check_circle Expert Consultation: End-to-end guidance to increase your chance of securing NEVI funding.
  • check_circle Data-Led Insights: AI, ML, and NLP-powered insights to deliver optimal solutions.
  • check_circle Energy Services: Identify opportunities to drive continuous improvements in energy systems.
  • check_circlePersonalized Assistance: Tailored support for seamless EV charging infrastructure deployment and energy management.
  • check_circle Marketing Outreach: Strategic customer outreach services to enable effective marketing communication efforts.

What the NEVI funding will cover?

The NEVI Formula Program Enables Covering up to 80% of the Project Cost (if eligible) including:


Construction Costs

Directly relating to charging of electric vehicles, including acquisition or installation of EV charging stations.


Renewable Energy Generation

Equipment, including solar arrays and stationary batteries directly related to EV charging (with minimum eligible conditions).


Electrical Equipment Costs

For equipment directly responsible for providing power to charging stations. (e.g., Power meter, transformer, etc.)


Operating, Maintaining, and Upgrading costs

For equipment on-site.


Necessary Resources

For EV charging station data sharing.

What are the Minimum Standards to Follow for NEVI-Funded Projects?

Guidance for Minimum Standards and Requirements to Follow for NEVI-Funded projects as per FHWA are:

Installation, Operation, and Maintenance

EV charging stations should have a minimum number of ports, types of connectors, payment methods, and requirements for customer support services. The installation, operation, and maintenance technicians should also have a minimum qualification criterion.


The EV charging stations should be able to communicate with each other across states to ensure a smooth EV experience for customers.

Traffic Control Devices and On-Premises Signs

Compliant with FHWA regulations.

Network Connectivity

Minimum requirements for charger-to-grid communication for secure remote monitoring, diagnostics, control, and updates.

Price and Availability

Availability of basic charging station information (e.g., location, connector type, power level, etc.), real-time status, and real-time pricing should be available for free to 3rd party developers through APIs to provide consumers with available information to make informed decisions.

EV Charging Data

Including usage, reliability, cost information, etc., must be submitted uniformly to assist in creating a public EV charging database.

Are You Eligible for NEVI Funding?

  • check_circleEV charging stations must be non-proprietary and are publicly available or available to fleet operators from more than one company.
  • check_circleThe location should be within 1 mile of the established alternative fuel corridors (AFCs).
  • check_circleThe charging station must allow for open-access payment methods.
  • check_circleCharging stations should have at least four Combined Charging System (CSS) ports to charge four vehicles simultaneously at 150kW (each).
  • check_circleShould be able to cover the remaining cost of the NEVI program.

What are the Different State Standards?

All the states, including Washington and Puerto Rico, submitted and approved their NEVI plans. Each state has different standards, funding, and NEVI plans. Explore plans for different states on the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation website.

What Factors should be Considered while Planning the Station’s Installation?

Station Distance

The charging station should not be more than 50 miles from another charging station and within 1 mile of interstates.


Reliable and safe connections for optimal supply of electricity.


The charging stations should be flexible enough to meet the evolving landscape of EVs. Consider adaptability for long-term benefits.

Agile Funding

For efficient project(s) development, acquire smaller amounts of funding to move along the evolution of the minimum viable product. This enables flexible implementations.

Interested in acquiring the NEVI funding? Let us help you figure it all out!