Charging The

eMobility Revolution

Connected EV charging Experiences With Intelligent Digital Platforms

Smart eMobility Platform offers charging station providers with an end-to-end digital platform to manage and operate EV charging infrastructure. The state-of-the-art platform helps charging station providers to meet customer needs, deliver superior customer service, improve operational efficiency, partner with energy providers, and advance sustainability.


Simplify the charging experience

Provide customers with self-serve platforms to proactively find charging stations, book slots in real-time, experience seamless in-station experience, and easily connect options with retailers for issue resolution


Advocate Sustainability

Shift consumption to clean energy by actively promoting the adoption of Electric Vehicles and providing easy access to charging infrastructure


Manage & Build demand Responsiveness

Derive intelligence from customer behavior through next-gen technologies like AI/ML Analytics to manage and predict customer demand, offer personalized rebates and demand response programs in partnership with energy providers


Collaborate with energy providers

By collaborating with energy providers, we can enhance the EV charging infrastructure by maintaining and monitoring charging services, enhance grid reliability, and improve customer satisfaction.


Advanced charging station maintenance

Leverage live insights and metrics into station performance and smart mobile workforce to maintain charging infrastructure, ensure real-time control of charging stations, and maximize workforce productivity

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